Ground Zero

by Threat 2 Society

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released November 8, 2016



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Threat 2 Society New Jersey

NJ Hardcore

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Track Name: Mass Deception
The time has come for you and me to take back what they fucking stole we're used like pawns in their twisted game but we can't see who's pulling the strings everything you do everything you say just think twice cause they're watching all of us everyday another right gets fucking lost to lies from their greedy fucking mouths they started the war on drugs they started the war on terror and now they started the war on you and me now there's nothing that we can do except rise up
Track Name: Hollow Shell
I spent so much time, thinking how things might have changed, but it all stayed the same. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get on the right track. Something keeps holding me back, I can't seem to get a grip. Deep down inside I know that I won't lose. It's people like you that I despise, The ones that hide their true colors. The front that you hide behind, is bound to fall. No one knows your other side, the one you choose to never show. I've seen the darkness that you hide so well. How can you keep living a lie, playing the same old games? How can you keep living a lie? How do you keep living a lie? You wore your two face well, but I saw through your hollow shell.
Track Name: Media Blackout
You make make me sick the way you sit and talk about nothing relevant it's all an act your fake expressions show your lack of character getting paid to report the news as you disinform the words that you speak come from the ones behind the scenes their hidden agenda gets spread through the propaganda they tell you what is right and wrong it's their bias it's their way when they thrive off your fucking fear you make me sick that's why I don't believe a thing that you say in the end you'll be the ones who pay for selling sex greed and corruption
Track Name: Merchants of Death
When will it finally sink in that you've been living your whole life
living in sin a power grab is all you seek a bunch of twisted words
is all that you speak how long can you keep covering up your dirty tracks another region rich with oil now there ready to attack the weapons of mass destruction no where to be found as the kids hear the faint sound little do they know that it's boots on the ground taking over and setting up shop raping destroying everything that's in their way the oppressed people have no say when will it finally sink in that you've been living your whole life living in sin a power grab is all you seek a bunch of twisted words are all you'll you speak the crimes that you commit cannot be undone they use their lies to keep us blind they use the news to cloud our minds now it's time to open your eyes or sit back and get ready to die
Track Name: Pay the Price
They're selling us out day by day yet they couldn't care less as long as the price is right and the cards are up their sleeves the trap is set I can't accept that this might be the end cause they cause the problems they hold the solutions they create disease while they suppress the cure they have it all behind a revolving door they cause the conflict and we pay the price with our own blood and tears they want you to believe every lie that they spew I believe in nothing but the truth (live by the truth) I'm not gonna sit and watch as this world gets crushed